7 Chakra healing Beaded Bracelet

The benefits of this 7 Chakra healing Beaded Bracelet 

By wearing this 7 chakras healing beaded bracelet on your wrist, you will align and harmonize your energy centers thanks to the 7 natural stones present on this jewel.

Among these, some are known in crystal healing for their healing powers:

  • Amethyst: this purple stone is known to help reduce stress. But it is also a powerful stone that will help you heal your emotional or physical wounds.
  • Lapis lazuli: This blue stone keeps bad energy away and increases vitality. Lapis lazuli helps to better manage emotions and is a powerful healer of emotional shocks.
  • Turquoise: Wearing a bracelet with this stone will help you reduce your migraines. In addition, it stimulates the heart and purifies the body fluids, so it can help you prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases.
  • Tiger's eye: This stone is very popular in crystal healing for its protective powers. But it also has healing powers for joint pain and digestive problems.

On this 7 chakras healing bracelet, you will also find lava stone beads. This black stone absorbs bad energies and contributes to the relaxation of the body and the spirit.