Tiger Eye 7 Chakra Bracelet

Benefits of this 7 chakra bracelet with tiger's eye

Wear this 7 chakras tiger eye bracelet to align your chakras while enjoying the benefits of this protective stone.

Indeed, the tiger eye is a semi-precious stone known in crystal healing for its many virtues. Here are the benefits that this stone will deliver to you:

  • Away the bad energies
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Helps to digest better
  • Provides a feeling of well-being
  • Reduces muscular pain

As for the 7 other stones that make up this bracelet, they act on your energy centers, in other words, your chakras.

They will help you to harmonize, balance and align your chakras. This is very important in order to avoid several physical and mental disorders (fatigue, depression, stress, pain, lack of self-confidence).