Women's Chakra Bracelet

Unlock the potential within you with our Chakra Bracelet Natural Stones !

Are you seeking balance and harmony in your life? Look no further than our exquisite Chakra Bracelet Natural Stones. Handcrafted with precision and care, this 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry, it's a tool for spiritual alignment and emotional well-being. 

Wearing our Beaded Chakra Bracelets is like carrying a piece of tranquility with you wherever you go. Designed with versatility in mind, our Women's Chakra Bracelet complements any outfit, from casual to elegant. Its adjustable sizing ensures a comfortable fit for wrists of all sizes, so you can wear it with confidence, day or night.

Details of Women's Chakra Bracelet

  • Genuine natural stone
  • Size: About165-215mm
  • Quality: 100% brand new high quality
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping