Rose Quartz Chakra Necklace

Experience the transformative magic of our Necklace for Anxiety

Indulge in the soothing embrace of our Chakra Healing Necklace, a radiant testament to serenity and harmony. Crafted meticulously, each bead carries the essence of tranquility, guiding you towards a state of inner peace. Immerse yourself in the gentle energy of rose quartz, renowned for its ability to calm the mind and open the heart chakra

Designed to alleviate anxiety and promote emotional healing, this exquisite Chakra Necklace serves as a daily reminder to prioritize self-care and well-being. Wear it close to your heart and feel its comforting presence throughout the day. Elevate your energy, nurture your soul, and radiate positivity with every wear.

Details of Rose Quartz Chakra Necklace

  • Pearl size: 6mm
  • Gemstones: Natural pink quartz
  • 108 pearls Mala necklace
  • Handmade with care
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping